The Earth Administration Authority was formed during the Age of Discoveries. After the horrors of the 22nd century and the death-throes of the former nations and powers, one unified body was required to repair the damage to the planetary ecosystem and govern for the needs of humanity and planetary survival.

Fusion power helped to end the age of nation states, but it was under EAA rule that humanity developed FTL Drives and FTL Nodes.

The jurisdiction of the Earth Administration Authority continued into the Age of Exploration, and first contact with the Shaltari in 2342 and the following guidance to the Cradle Worlds. Humanity was still governed by the Earth Administration Authority despite the inclusion of planets other than Earth to humanities domains.

The Cradle Worlds proved perfect for human habitation and abundant in resources, not least of which being undamaged ecoystems free from the ravages of nuclear and biological warfare or centuries of pre-fusion pollution. With these assets, The Earth Administration Authority was finally free of the burden of humanities self destructive history. This ushered in the Age of Expansion, during which humanity found additional admittedly less hospitable worlds for further colonization and expansion. These new worlds became known simply as The Colonies.

The Fall of the Sphere in 2506 and The Warning issued by the sphere on May 1 heralded the end of the Age of Expansion. Cult-like behaviour in response to The Warning escalated wildly over the following year until the anniversary of The Warning in which tensions between the Followers of the Shere (who were attempting to heed The Warning and flee from Earth and the Cradle Worlds) and the EAA Navy (ordered to prevent this abandonist exodus) flashed over resulting in The Battle of Vega.

Two days later, on May 3 2507, was The Coming of the Scourge, and The Exodus of human survivors of that invasion

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