The terran freighter EAAF Theseus 31 was commissioned in 2381 during the Age of Exploration and remained in service to the EAA until 2506 when the ship fled Earth orbit to escape the invasion of the Scourge.

Since that time the ship has been consigned to space uncharted by the EAA, making a living as a trade and exploration ship to fund upkeep and repairs. Over the years an array of alien technologies have been incorporated into the ship to repair damage and replace failed components.

Similarly, the crew has become increasingly eclectic as new alien crew members have been added to replace the aging human crew.

Now the freighter has an array of added modular components including a workshop, laboratory, cryogenics facility, captain’s library, and greatly expanded medical center. The EAA FTL Drive has been patched, upgraded and modified over time, and an ecology of robotic mustilids was added semi-deliberately to the ship for defense and maintenance…most of the time.


Designation: EAAF Theseus 31
Class: Freighter
Technology: EAA plus subsequent alien modifications
Support Vessels: Pirithous


  • Size. Colossal.
  • Strength. 18.
  • Speed. Flight 14.
  • Defense. 4 mobile, -8 stationary.
  • Toughness. 14.
  • Force Field. 6.
  • EAA FTL Drive. Foldspace Engine, Space Travel rank 3, quirk (inaccurate without FTL Node).
  • Karleeass FTL Drive. Hyperdrive Engine, Space Travel rank 3, quirk (non-instantaneous travel).
  • Power Level. PL12
  • Cost. 160


  • Beam Cannon. Ranged Damage 12.
  • Badger Class Torpedoes. Ranged Damage 15, Burst Area 12, Homing 9.

Vehicle Features:

  • Alarm
  • Hidden Compartments
  • Internal Compartment
  • Navigation System
  • Translator (Comprehend Languages, rank 2)
  • Radiation Shielding (Immunity to Radiation, rank 1)

Headquarters Features:

  • Computer
  • Communications
  • Defense Systems (Robo-mustilid ecology)
  • Fire Prevention Systems
  • Hangar
  • Infirmary
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Living Space
  • Personnel
  • Power System
  • Security Systems
  • Self Repairing (Robo-mustilids ecology)
  • Workshop




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