Dropzone Setting and Campaign Timeline Summary.

  • Late 23rd and early 24th centuries. The Age of Discoveries. EAA founded. Invention of FTL Drives and FTL Nodes.
  • Mid 24th Century. The Age of Exploration.
  • 2342. First contact with the Shaltari. Humanity guided to the Cradle Worlds.
  • Late 24th Century. The Age of Expansion. Discovery and settlement of The Colonies.
  • 2506. The Fall of the White Sphere.
  • 2506, May 1. The Warning.
  • 2507, May 1. The Battle of Vega.
  • 2507, May 3. The Coming of the Scourge. The Exodus.
  • 2670. February 1. Campaign Begins.




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