Low D’monic is the most common tongue of the D’mons (however each cast and field of study has its own mutually incompatible jargon). It is a deeply dense language designed to communicate complex ideas efficiently. Others have claimed that the D’mons have deliberately made their language complex and difficult to use to demonstrate both there own intellectual superiority and to exclude non D’monic races from the D’monic culture.

High D’monic (from which low was derived) is a language strictly reserved for ritual use. There are many competing schools of thought on how D’mon magic works but all of them agree that causally speaking High D’monic risks inadvertently casting magic. The language closely resembles something akin mathematics or a computer language. Some D’mon mystics have claimed that it is a derivative of the language the the operating system of the universe is written in. However most D’mons don’t consider their mystics a reliable source of information.




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