The following is a summary of advanced technologies and their availability to the various Sentient Races and Factions.


Technology: Active Countermeasures
Availability: Common
Description: Usually vehicle mounted. Systems that actively defend against incoming missiles and projectiles, such as point defense laser systems. Such systems limit the effective range of attacks, as attacks from a greater range give time for the Active Countermeasures to destroy the incoming ordinance before impact.

Technology: Anti-Gravity Drive
Availability: Sozarians
Description: Not to be confused with the more limited Mass Repulsion Drive, an Anti-Gravity Drive can partially or completely cancel out the effects of gravity upon an object. The Sozarians invented Anti-Gravity Drives to lift their space craft from their high-gravity homeworld of Chula. The Sozarians have not invented Mass Repulsion Drives, possibly because the energy required to operate such drives on Chula makes the technology infeasible.

Technology: Armoured Exoskeleton
Availability: Shaltari
Description: Powered Battle Armour, or Power Armor. Shaltari infantry is composed entirely of Armoured Exoskeleton augmented warriors.

Technology: Artificial Intelligence
Availability: Shaltari (suspected), Zard
Description: Referring to true Artificial Intelligence, conscious thinking artificial entities. The Zard are examples of Artificial Intelligence as are the Modrons. The Shaltari are suspected of having and using Artificial Intelligences for space exploration and to aid in the piloting of their space craft and other vehicles.

Technology: Biomechanical Exoskeleton
Availability: Scourge
Description: The blended technological and biological vehicles of the Scourge, controlled by a Scourge pilot permanently integrated into each vehicle, in the same way the Scourge can also integrate with a biological host and control the host’s body as a parasite.

Technology: FTL Drives
Availability: Common
Description: The most common form of FTL Drives are foldspace drives, allowing a space craft to teleport instantaneously between two points in space, one marked by a FTL Node. One documented exception is the Karleeass model of FTL Drive, which is a true hyperdrive, as opposed to a foldspace drive.

Technology: FTL Rituals
Availability: Dmon
Description: Interstellar relocation spells (also known as “The light race of the star seeker”) are the FTL technology used by the Dmon, it involves passing through an alternative existence called Potential space (AKA “The Realm of Nightmares Yet to Be”) the few non-Dmon sentients who survived a relocation with the ability to communicate meaningfully have described the experience using terms like “horrific”,“terrifying” and “unending timeless fear”, Dmons appear to be immune to this effect.

Technology: FTL Nodes
Availability: Common
Description: Most FTL Drives require FTL Nodes at the destination for accurate foldspace jumps. It is not known if Shaltari or Zard FTL Drives require FTL Nodes, but it is suspected Shaltari drives do not. Karleeass FTL Drives are not foldspace engines and do not require FTL Nodes.

Technology: Mass Repulsion Drive
Availability: Scourge, Shaltari
Description: Frequently confused with a true Anti-Gravity Drive, a Mass Repulsion Drive allows propulsion by repelling mass with a gravity-like force that is not fully understood. Scourge and Shaltari deploy this propulsion mechanism in their tanks and aircraft but not apparently in their space craft.

Technology: Passive Countermeasures
Availability: Moretti, Scourge (limited), Shaltari, Sozarians, Zard
Description: Used to refer to passive energy defences such as deflector screens (which deflect incoming attacks or threats) and force shields (which block incoming attacks or threats).

Technology: Plasma Thrusters
Availability: Common.
Description: Plasma Thrusters are the primary propulsion method for space craft, air craft and for tanks using a Mass Repulsion Drive.

Technology: Teleport Gates
Availability: Shaltari
Description: A system allowing teleportation between two gates over a relatively short distance. The system requires a Teleport Web installed into the Artificial Exoskeleton or vehicle to be teleported, and a gate mechanism (usually vehicle mounted) at the entry and exit points.

Technology: Teleport Web
Availability: Shaltari
Description: Required to use Teleport Gates safely.

Technology: Walkers (Vehicle Type)
Availability: Scourge (limited), Shaltari
Description: Articulated vehicles, usually military. Scourge walkers are constructed as a Biomechanical Exoskeleton which the scourge pilot is permanently integrated with, operating the walker as their new body. Shaltari walkers are artificial vehicles and piloted by a Shaltari warrior.




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