The D’mon (a word in there language means “The people”) are a race of explorers and researchers. Their contact with humanity in pre history helped give rise to the legions of demonic creatures.

It is speculated that the first D’mons where created in an effort to bypass a limitation in ritual magic. Each spell requires a considerable investment of time and knowledge to create and then cast and once cast the preparation must be repeated in order to cast again. However if one uses the ritual to create a being that is able to preform your desired effect then you can repetitively get the benefit of the spell.

Each D’mon is not born but summoned from potential space by means of a magical ritual. However the abilities of the D’mon summoned is limited by the knowledge and creativity of those engaging in the ritual. In particular a summoning requires the use of an amount of new knowledge that hasn’t previously been used in a summoning. Without a novel element an existing demon will be summoned to the summoner.

Broadly speaking there are two main traditions within D’mon kind. The rationalists and the mystics. The rationalists make use of research and the scientific method to create the required novelty while the mystics make use of inspiration. Both traditions intermix with the rationalists reverse engineering mystic spells to suggest new excrements and the mystics being inspired by the rationalist discovers. Most D’mons sit somewhere in the middle of the two traditions. Often the biggest difference comes in how things are named with the rationalist tradition favouring plain scientific sounding names while the mystics liking more poetic inspiration names.




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