Species: Sozarians

Home-World: Chula aka Sozar

Description: A race of intelligent slugs who evolved on a high-gravity world. They are slow to trust and very difficult to please. They believe everything in the universe is literally alive. They also believe that everything in the universe is trying to kill them. This grim outlook on life has led them to become very suspicious but also very resilient. They are divided into two competing nation states, each of which controls territory on their home-world, as well as several off-world colonies.

Sozarians are physically resilient but not agile, and rely upon technology. They strongly favor operating equipment of vehicles to direct physical exertion, and notably their military lacks any form of infantry.

History: The Sozarians were discovered by the Moretti and incorporated into the Moretti Dominion. The Sozarians were already technologically advanced, particularly in energy defenses due to their paranoid outlook, but the Sozarians lacked FTL Drive technology. The Moretti traded FTL technology in exchange for the deflector field and force field technology of the Sozarians.

As a result the Sozarians enjoyed a privileged position within the Moretti Dominion as the Moretti’s trusted scientific and technical advisers. Their world, however, retains the Moretti name of Chula as opposed to its original Sozarians name, Sozar.




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