The Zard are a race of artificial lifeforms which vary enormously in individual composition, size and capabilities. Little is known of their origins, and their language has not been deciphered. Zard will invariably communicate in the language of visitors, using inbuilt translation technology.

Zard typically have one ‘articulated’ form (often humanoid) and one vehicular form, but some have been observed with additional forms. It is unclear if Zard can redesign themselves and alter their configurations. Modrons conversely are significantly more versatile.


Life Cycle:

It is believed but not confirmed that Zard are constructed by other Zard, and the species has no natural form of reproduction. There is no apparent aging among Zard, nor infancy or maturation. There is however some hint that Zard may modify themselves (or possibly one another) if required, but this too is unconfirmed.

This appears to be unrelated to the Modrons system of reproduction and the two artificial intelligence species appear to not be related.


Factions and Conflicts:

It is known that since first contact the Zard have been conducting a civil war. The reasons for this conflict are unknown, as are the motives of each of the known factions. The four known factions are:

Travel advisories are in place for the Zard homeworld, which has been designated Zard Prime pending discovery of the planet’s actual name.



It is unknown if the Zard have true industry, they have been observed to use the self aware (and often sentient) Modrons of their planet as weapons, tools and ordinance.




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